Sociable Services

SOCIABLE for Elderly Users

The SOCIABLE platform comes in two editions, each one corresponding to a different flavour
of the SOCIABLE service provisioning. In particular:

  • Home Edition: The SOCIABLE Home Edition enables elderly to engage in cognitive training activities (games and the Book-of-Life applications) through the convenience of their home environment, with or without the supervision of a carer. The Home Edition is delivered via any portable surface or tablet PC providing multi-touch functionalities (Windows Vista/ Windows 7 Platform are supported).
  • Institution Edition: The SOCIABLE Institution Edition is specially designed to enable care centers, leisure centers and hospitals to offer SOCIABLE services. The Institution Edition runs over a surface table and enables both individual and group sessions.

SOCIABLE for Medical Experts

SOCIABLE comes with a range of tools that facilitate medical experts in managing and
supervising cognitive training interventions. Medical experts tools/applications enable:

  • Managing the elderly or patient’s health records
  • Scheduling and configuring cognitive training sessions
  • Managing elderly assessment tests through the SOCIABLE intervention
  • Structuring interventions based on multiple sessions and games
  • Monitoring scores and the overall performance of elderly users.