SOCIABLE is the result of a European co-funded project under the CIP-ICT-PSP Programme.

SOCIABLE introduced a radically new approach for ICT assisted cognitive training and social activation for a wide range of senior citizens including cognitive intact elderly, older adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment, as well as patients suffering from mild Alzheimer’s disease. SOCIABLE supports personalized cognitive training interventions designed according to medically sound principles covering all the cognitive skills. The applications support a novel approach combining the conventional human care factor with an ICT surface computing platform.

The SOCIABLE services have been successfully deployed across seven pilot sites (including hospitals, care/leisure and day centers) in four European countries (Greece, Italy, Norway, Spain). These pilot sites were operated by end-user partners of the project, while they were supported by medical and technical partners of the project in terms of medical and ICT aspects respectively. The SOCIABLE service (and its pilot operations) targets three main elderly groups suffering from cognitive decline, including healthy elderly, elderly with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and elderly with mild Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Over 300 users from these three groups participated in the SOCIABLE pilot operations, according to a medically sound clinical protocol (randomized clinical trial).

You can find more information about the project here and you can also download the project factsheet (PDF ).

SOCIABLE in Numbers:

Over 300 users have used SOCIABLE in the scope of promotional events and exhibitions
Over 300 users have participated in SOCIABLE cognitive training sessions and a tangible improvement in their cognitive functioning has been documented
Over 7200 hours of SOCIABLE sessions
Over 25 medical experts and health professionals are currently using SOCIABLE for cognitive training sessions across four countries (Italy, Spain, Norway and Greece).

Main distributors of SOCIABLE:

Indicative Clients

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